Gasket Kit

N.T.B's Gasket kits are useful and economical for repairing cylinders or each cover.
Gasket kits are now available from "Hyper Black".

GKH-001B For CB750K1~6  Contents of GKH-001B
GKH-002B For CB750F(Z~2C) 、CB750K(Z/A)  Contents of GKH-002B
GKH-003B For CB400F/F1  Contents of GKH-003B
GKH-005B For CB250K1~4  Contents of GKH-005B
GKH-006  For SuperCUB50(Pro) C50JJ/JK/BNJ, NBC50C/G/BNC/BNG Contents of GKH-006
GKH-065    For Super CUB 50 C50(CM/D/S/B)P,S,V,X,Y,1,2,5,7  Contents of GKH-065
GKH-J70    For Super CUB 70/90 C70CMX/C70DX, C90CM1/C90D1 Contents of GKH-J70

GKY-001B For GEAR 4KN UA03J (4KN9/A/B/C) 、MINT 1YU  Contents of GKY-001B
GKY-002B For GEAR UA03J (4KND-H/J-N)  Contents of GKY-002B
GKY-003B For GEAR UA06J 、JOG SA36J (3P31/4/6/9/C) 、SA39J (3P32/3/5/7/8/B/D/E)
         Vino SA37J (except 2WP6/37B7)  Contents of GKY-003B
GKY-004B For GEAR UA07J/08J 、JOG SA36J (3P3F/G) 、SA39J (3P3H/J) 、SA55J~58J
         Vino SA37J (2WP6/37B7) 、SA54J/59J  Contents of GKY-004B

GKK-001B For KH250 '76~'79、250SS '72~'75  Contents of GKK-001B
GKK-002B For KH400 '76・'79、400SS '74・'75  Contents of GKK-002B
GKK-003B For KH500 '76、500SS '69~'75  Contents of GKK-003B
GKK-004B For KH750(750SS)  Contents of GKK-004B

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